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Welcome to Al-Hail Private School
Welcome to our website! Al-Hail Private School was founded in September 1987 and is a biolingual educational school. We offer a challenging and varied curriculum and regular level classes, and Learning Strategies program. Our Vision in Al Hail Private School is valued for preparing students to become generational and responsible leaders at their early age of their teens to strengthen communities and bring hope and justice to people everywhere.
Al Hail Private School mission is to provide students with an outstanding Islamic and general studies education so they can achieve success by building the religious, academic and personal foundation that will enable them to possess a loving commitment to the community, their families, and neighbors and to their country of Oman.
Al-Hail Private School is a school of faith committed to excellence. I invite and encourage you to explore the website.
The Upper Classes, grades 9-12, is comprised of students split between two classrooms (A&B) and a staff of well-trained certified teachers.

This world-class, certified well-trained teachers have enhanced the academic rigor and also have enriched the the upper class students by preparing them for their final exams,
The middle class (grade 5-8) years are marked with much change and growth. The Middle class team focuses on walking with students and parents through these transitional years. Our desire is to help students focus on their spiritual, academic, artistic, and athletic gifts and talents to help them grow and mature into good men and women who love and serve their nation and beyond.
The Preschool division Center, provides serves students in Kg1 and upwards (4 years old), Transitional Kindergarten (TK – 5 years old) and Kindergarten through 3 years of age.

Every child is given the opportunity to flourish developmentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.
Education Services with a Faultless Attitude
Excellent Results
High Teaching Standards
Sports & Recreation
Committed Teaching Staff
Secured Environment
Offering the next generation
Outstanding Islamic and General
Studies Education
Al Hail Private School under the supervision of ministry of education of the Sultanate of Oman provides a superior education to children and has been graduating compassionate, successful students. Our students are exposed to the most innovative and proven teaching methods, dedicated and certified teachers, balanced by our commitment to the teachings of Islamic and the traditions of our heritage.

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Our Committed Teachers
Khaleeq Mehmood
M.Sc in chemistry + B.Ed
-Head of Chemistry
Abdul Lateef Kazeem Adeagbo
-Head of English Department for Higher class
Asad Shabir
MSc. Mathematics B.Ed
-Maths Dpt
Mr. Marzouk Masr
-Head of Physics Department
Ahmed Mohammed Saif Albalushi
-Male Tennis Captain
"Without Al Hail Private School, I wouldn’t have been as inspired to excel in high school. Al Hail not only challenged the left side of my brain, but it also encouraged activity on the part of my right hemisphere. Mr. Drissi Nejib has made it one of his many goals to create a safe environment in which one can feel free to excercise their 1st amendment rights and become comfortable with being creative.
City Center Muscat
Sultanate Of Oman
(+968) 24536220
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